Slow and Steady

It is hard for me to believe a month has passed me by since I had my intensive with David.  I got more out of that intensive than I bargained for.  I was surprised that he gave me two more ashtanga yoga poses (bhujapindasana -> kurmasana) to work on before he left.  In addition, he wants me to work shoulderstand at the wall.  I am to lay with my back at the wall, with my feet on the wall, and work on pushing my pelvis away and work on getting up more on my shoulders and maintaining a straight line and I also need to work on opening up my shoulders more.  They are nowhere near parallel with each other.

The one thing I went home with Sunday, that I didn’t expect, was ass chafe.  Imagine my surprise while showering Sunday when all the sudden my ass was on fire!  LOL!!!  I guess 4 days of ~90 degree temps, a two hour practice every day in a room with no air conditioning along with 24-50 people doesn’t make for an ideal situation. I never thought I would be using diaper rash cream in my 30’s…. My husband found it hilarious when I called him that afternoon and asked him to pick some up for me on his way home.  I now understand why babies with diaper rash are so miserable.

In the month since, I have used the time to digest what I have learned and I have even implimented some of what he has taught me in my own (non-ashtanga) classes that I teach.  What I have used has been well received.  YAY!  I am finding that verbalizing some of the theoretical concepts of what I am learning is helping me digest them quicker and… sharing is caring, right?  I have discovered that sometimes breakthroughs aren’t immediate and sometimes the concept or asana has to marinate a bit in order to really take hold.

I haven’t been able to make it to the shala nearly as often as I would like, as I have had issues at my job (overworked and under appreciated) and I finally decided to put in my two weeks notice.  Friday is my last day, and I am hoping to make more appearances at the shala.  Between being kept at work late constantly, and being down and out with migraines, my practice has not been as consistent as I would like.  If I hope to become an ashtanga teacher one day, I need to be more devoted to my practice and I am not doing that at the moment; shame on me.

Last time I was at the shala, Elizabeth was gracious enough to add a few new asanas to my practice.  The tittibhasana-crow transitions are kicking my ass.  David had me doing one of them already after bhujapidasana and now I have another one!  I am all the way up to kukkutasana now.  I’m really having fun laughing at myself during the learning process. For instance, the first time I lifted up out of supta kurmasana, I bowled over backwards.  😀  I just laid there laughing at myself and told her I was “Humpty Dumpty”.  I must admit, I am not fond of rolling around eight times in the circle either.  I am quite bony and it kills my poor hip bones!  😦  My poor cork mat doesn’t have much padding, but I adore the thing as it’s the only non-slip yoga mat I have ever owned, so I won’t be trading it in for ANYTHING.  Maybe I need to throw a blanket down for that portion though, because… OUCH.

Anyway, I am hoping to get a couple home practices in before this weekend.  David is returning and I want to be a little more fluid in the asana that I have.  I’m sure he will have something to offer on them!  He likes to milk out every bit of the Ashtanga yoga benefits from each of the Ashtanga yoga poses that are in your practice.  It will be refreshing to see him once more.  His enthusiasm is so contagious.  I wish he was at the shala more often.  I would like to do teacher training with him one day, I think.  With that said, I still want to go train in India and pursue certification that way.

Next weekend is my vacation and training with Kino MacGregor!!!  I can’t wait!!  Hopefully, I will be blogging more.  Sorry about the absence.

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