Dawning of Spring

Spring is JUST around the corner.  It’s as if it is playing peek-a-boo.  It comes out to play for a moment before going back in hiding.  That is the nature of spring though— temperamental! 😀  This year, spring arrives on March 20th, which means with each passing day, we’ll have longer and longer days!  Spring is a glorious time of year.  Everything comes back to life and it is full of birds, bees, flowers, sunshine… pollen and of course, wind, rain and sometimes snow.  :/


During this time of year, many people get sick.  Whether it is due to allergies, or from the fluctuation in the weather; ailments seem to manifest in many.

Although the seasons are changing, it is important to note that we are not changing Ayurvedic “seasons”.  We are still in Kapha season, and we should treat our bodies accordingly.

Aren’t sure how to do that?  I wrote a helpful article addressing each individual Dosha and how to help each of our bodies thrive during the remaining months up until summer, when Pitta season takes over.

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