Teaching Style

My classes are about empowering each student, regardless of:

  • Class size (private-30+)
  • Style (slow flow, power vinyasa, ashtanga-based)
  • OR the level of the student

I have realized that no class is suited for everyone involved, though they (i.e. YOU) may like the general concept.  Because of this, I take an individual approach- despite it often being a larger sized class.

What does this mean?

  • Students are challenged to the level of their ability
    • Like Goldilocks, you are pushed to your limits (and maybe a tad beyond), but the general concept is “not too hot, not too cold”
    • Being challenged at the right level EMPOWERS you
      • If you failed at every asana,  you would leave feeling disempowered; the opposite of what I want
      • With that said, I encourage my students to sit in the challenge; don’t bail.  Push yourself when required- this is when breakthroughs happen!
  • I’m VERY hands on
    • Expect assists as appropriate
      • This does not necessarily mean you are out of alignment (but could be)
      • Sometimes I see tension in your body that can be alieviated
      • You may be at a point in your practice where I’m able to help you deepen or advance in a stretch
  • Modifications, Options and Walkthroughs
    • I give em out like candy!  (Or, like Oprah giving out cars)
      • Bodies sometimes just “don’t move” the way you want them to
      • Maybe you have an injury (new or old) you need to protect
      • Because classes are often mixed, I often show/give several options for many of the poses
      • If a pose is “advanced” (i.e. arm balances), there will be SOMETHING you can do- I promise
        • We will start at “Step A” and go all the way to the end, where the full expression is the arm balance.  You will stop at the point you cannot go any further.

What this all boils down to is a personalized practice for YOU!  I can help shape your practice into what you need day by day, whether you need a more gentle flow, or something more challenging and dynamic.  No two people in the class will look exactly the same, because your bodies are seeking different things, and I am helping you get there.

I have a laid back demeanor in my class and I weave in bad jokes, stories and history into class too.  I won’t hesitate to laugh at myself- laughter is the medicine to life, right?  I believe that continuing education is important, so I try to study with Elizabeth Sitzler and David Garrigues when I can, and I have also studied with Kino MacGregor.