Mala Care

Your mala has been handcrafted with love, and I used nothing but high quality gems and beads while designing it for you.  Each mala I make is one of a kind and I want you to enjoy yours as long as possible!

Basic Care

Whether you plan on wearing your mala as jewelry, and invoking the powers from the gems/stones, or using it to help you focus during meditation, here are some things to keep in mind to help extend your malas longevity.

  1. Keep it dry: Like mogwai’s, keep it dry.  It won’t hold up if you constantly get it wet by swimming, bathing/showering, wearing during HOT yoga, etc.  Water will cause damage to your thread over time.
    *  The good news is if you accidentally get it wet, your mala won’t turn into a gremlin!
  2. Store flat: It’s tempting to hang those malas, but don’t!  You will end up pulling and stretching out the thread.  You will end up with larger gaps between the beads and they will slide around more.  Or worse, the mala will break!  😦  Also, storing the mala flat will help keep the tassel from getting wrinkled.
  3. Wipe/Polish: Take a soft cloth and polish the beads if they are looking a little dull or dusty.  Sometimes that is all it needs to bring back a little luster!

Tassel Care

Even the best cared for malas can begin to look a little “too loved” over time and will need a little extra TLC to get it looking like new!

To fix a wrinkled tassel, try on of these methods:

  1. Moisture: Lightly moisten tassel, then straighten it out; let dry.
  2. Body Heat:  Wrap hand around tassel and hold until you heat tassel with body heat.  Run hand down tassel several times until tassel straightens.
  3. Flat Iron: Heat hair iron on lowest setting and gently straighten tassel with a few strokes.  Be careful not to scorch tassel!

Once tassel is straight, trim ends with scissors if they are no longer even

Cleaning/Charging the Mala

When you wear your mala or meditate with it, the mala will absorb your energy.  There is no “rule” as to how often your mala should be cleared of any energy it possess and is up to the discretion of the holder.  Usually, the wearer/user will get a sense of when there is too much negative energy and that is a good time to clean/clear it.

To clear your mala of negative energy or recharge the crystals/gems, try one of the following methods:

  1. Moonlight: Set your mala out in a window where the light from the full moon can reach and purify it.
  2. Sage: Sage has long been known to be used to purify.  If you don’t like straight sage, there are other blends you can try, or you can try palo santo.
  3. Himalayan Salt: Excellent at clearing negative energy.  You may already have a salt lamp in your house
  4. Selenite Crystals: Placing your mala near this will help recharge and activate the gems in your mala.