Me- Off the Mat

I aspire to live each day with love, compassion and endless enthusiasm.  I believe that these qualities are things that help me live life to its fullest.  If cannons could fire off balls of love and the volcanos could erupt compassioLove Quoten, that still wouldn’t be enough to help those who are sorely lacking.  We often neglect to really see or feel what those around us are going through.  Though I cannot help everyone, I endeavor to help when I’m able.  Even a smile can change someone’s day.  I believe that everyone is entitled to the same rights and thus, should be treated equally.  I’ll stand up for what I believe in, and I’ve learned that by not voicing an opinion, you are speaking volumes.

On another note, planet and animal health/conservation is just as critical.  I advocate for these because, well… we only get one Mother Earth!


Now that I’ve that I’ve unloaded the HEAVY…

I love all things chai and chocolate.  I’m a recently converted vegetarian (May 2016) and recently gave up dairy (October 2016) due to allergy issues.  I’m learning to find what I can and cannot eat.  My husband is NOT vegetarian, so it is frustrating at times, but we are walking the path together.  🙂  I am always cold, so I love scarves, cardigans or can be found cuddled up under blankets- even in the dead of summer.

Being a yoga instructor, I have a “thing” for yoga leggings and have a small (less than 30) collection of them (and shorts).  My husband would beg to differ on what I call “small”, but that is a relative term.  My newest obsession is mala making and I really enjoy it.  The only problem is that I want to keep all the ones that I make.  HAHA.  I only have a couple malas, so keeping a couple wouldn’t hurt, but I’m supposed to be making money!  Oh the conundrum!