“My Mala Broke…”

You probably just spent several minutes picking up beads and are now troubled because your beloved mala broke.  What now!?!

Congratulations, dear! Whether you know it or not, you have just had something monumental happen in your life.  Malas are often physical reminders of intentions we set for ourselves and the fact that yours broke means that you have progressed beyond that intention.  That mala has served its purpose; you have risen above and beyond its original purpose.  The magic worked!

Transitions can be hard though, so it may not necessarily be all confetti and cake.  Take this time to reflect and think about what it is you have achieved and where you are headed next in your life.  Did the mala serve you well?  Can you think of a goal you recently obtained?  How about any personal relationships— have any been severed, mended, or have you created new ones?  Take this time to begin to set a new intention and think about the idea of embracing a new personalized mala, or perhaps picking up a mala that you have put aside.

The question is… what do you do with your old mala beads?  Some people hold on to them. Some have them restrung as a gift to bestow to someone else.  Some people find ways to repurpose them around their house or in their garden.

If you are convinced that you aren’t ready to give up this mala yet, it can be restrung. Contact me and we can work to get it restrung and sent back your way so you can continue on your journey! 😀