Yoga Mats

Below are SOME companies that I have bought things from and would recommend, or are things I am dying to have.  I am not an ambassador or spokesperson for 99% of them- I just happen to like their products.  😀  Furthermore, none of the companies listed below have paid or asked to be on the list.  In fact, I would speculate at this point, all of them don’t even know my blog exists!  HAHA!

Check back often, because the list will be updated/edited as I discover new things or change my mind!  Be sure to check out my other lists too!

Clicking the companies name will take you directly to their website!


  • Manduka:  I have the “Pro” and for me, it is good for “non sweaty” practices.  It gets a little slick if I’m sweaty, but other people don’t seem to have this issue.  They have a wide price range and different types of mats to select from.  Oh, did I mention the Pro has a lifetime guarantee?
  • Yoloha:  This is the ONLY mat I have ever used that I have yet to slip on.  You can use it wet or dry.  I can’t praise it enough.  They have three types of cork mats to choose from now and you can get plain, a design or a personalized mat.  If you are an environmentally friendly person, this mat is for you!


screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-1-20-49-pmIf you’re still indecisive about a mat, or are looking for reviews, here is a great article/review (by covering a variety of top yoga mats, their pros/cons and who would benefit from the various types of mats. They also cover a variety of topics a yogi might want to consider when it comes to buying a mat (price, open/closed cell, eco-friendly, etc).  It’s worth checking out.  They looked at 30 mats and narrowed it down to their favorite 9.

I posted the list here for easy viewing, but if you want more details and links to the websites of retailers, click that link up in the paragraph above!