Yoga Props

Below are SOME companies that I have bought things from and would recommend, or are things I am dying to have.  I am not an ambassador or spokesperson for 99% of them- I just happen to like their products.  😀  Furthermore, none of the companies listed below have paid or asked to be on the list.  In fact, I would speculate at this point, all of them don’t even know my blog exists!  HAHA!

Check back often, because the list will be updated/edited as I discover new things or change my mind!  Be sure to check out my other lists too!

Clicking the companies name will take you directly to their website!

Misc Props

  • Dharma Wheel:  The first yoga wheel company.  I have another wheel, but I would really like to get one of theirs.  Wheels are FANTASTIC at opening up your chest and spine.  Get one as soon as you are able!
  • Infinity Strap:  Everyone could use a strap that isn’t a strap. 😀
  • Wrist Widget:  Got a torn TFCC or any other ulnar side wrist pain?  This is the thing for you!!!  I swear this thing changed my life.  I tore my TFCC and had surgery and a year later I was STILL limping along.  Got this thing and magically, things started to change!  I have told numerous other yogi’s about it and they have had success with it as well!  You can buy it direct from them, amazon or from my “pals” over at Yoga Paws (see link below).  You won’t regret the purchase!  😀
  • Yoga Paws:  Mats for your hands and feet!  Incredible customer service and they also sell some fabulous looking clothes.