Enjoy the Storm

I have officially survived the halfway point in my first ashtanga intensive with the AMAZING David Garrigues! I can’t believe all I have left is Saturday and Sunday.  😥

My ass is sore and my thighs are aching like the dickens. I find it funny, because I was convinced that my abs would be sore, but that isn’t the problem at all. As I sit and ponder as to what has caused this odd phenomenon, I’m at a loss. I practiced four days a week for a month and I was never this sore, yet I practice two days and I’m brought back to the days of yore, when I used to practice aikido. I’d go to workshops, where I trained 6 hours a day, for two-three days straight and I’d get so sore and end up with blisters on my hands from all the weapon-work. I guess that is the point though, right? It is called an intensive for a reason.

Maybe the actual environment of an intensive puts us in a certain mindset. One in which we are able to push ourselves further, physically, mentally and even emotionally. Add in David, who is pushing you to your limits and then shattering them. Toss in his assistants, who ensure you have proper form and help you go a little deeper in an asana and you have the “perfect storm”.

A storm with howling wind, pounding rain; one that rocks the boat. In the end, you may feel beaten and battered, but knowing you survived the storm, that you CAN survive a storm, leaves you feeling accomplished and empowered. The winds and tides brought you to the present. You are now ever changed and so is your practice.

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